Flooring, Carpentry and Custom Woodworking

Discover the beauty of your home with our customized flooring and carpentering solutions. We are local construction company famous for its unique built-in cabinetry and fantastic flooring. At Stroyca Construction & Renovation Inc. we pride ourselves in creating hardwood, tile or vinyl  floors that look amazing and last for years to come.

Custom woodworking, thought-out to the smallest details, coupled with a suitable flooring, will accentuate your home charm. You no longer have to look for the right piece of furniture to suit your home’s interior – we will design it mindful of the existing aesthetics of your house and it will fit just so.

Our experts combine the latest technology in woodworking with long-standing carpentry traditions. This is what makes our flooring and woodwork beautiful, solid and long-life. At Stroyca Construction & Renovation Inc. we are committed to quality in each and every aspect of home renovation – be it painting, flooring or woodwork. 

Contact our team to check what we can offer in terms of home renovation to enhance the layout of your living pace with solid woodwork and customized details.